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Saigon storage locations

Saigon Storage has 3 locations.  A long term facility in district 10 as shown below, locker rental in district 10 & a premium facility in D7/ Nha Be, Saigon.  Please contact us to discuss which location is most suitable for your storage needs.

Gói lưu trữ

P12, Q10

For our new storage location in district 7, please click

Self storage in Cambodia

Saigon Storage is pleased to announce we can now offer storage in Phnom Penh.  Our luggage storage lockers are ready & bookings are invited.  Located in the centre of Phnom Penh, these are the perfect choice for short or long term luggage storage.  For full details & answers to your questions, please email us or contact us through Whatsapp.

Self storage in danang

Saigon Storage is yet to open a facility in Danang, in the meantime we recommend you to contact Bizlen to discuss your storage requirements.  Located in the centre of Danang, Bizlen is convenient, professional & capable of meeting your storage needs.  Bizlen not only offers storage but a range of business services.  Please click the banner to visit.

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