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Can you meet me if I arrive at 2am?

Yes, as long as we are notified in advance, we can meet at anytime throughout the night.  There is a small surcharge between 11pm & 8am.

Can you meet me at the airport?

Yes, we offer a meet & greet service at the airport, bus  or train station.  We can take you to our facility for storage or to your hotel.

I forgot my bag in my hotel!  Can You help?

Yes, we have 'rescued' bags & safely returned them to their owners or kept them secure in our facility for collection.

Is there a place to rearrange my bags?

Yes, we have a space allocated for people to repack or to retrieve items from their luggage.

Can Saigon Storage Store My Stock?

Yes, we offer a stock management service with distribution.  We can safely store your items & deliver them as required.  We are the ideal choice for ecommerce.  Please contact us for a consultation.

What are my payment options?

Payment can be made in cash, by paypal or by bank transfer.  If a storage extension is needed, this can be funded online.  Payment must be made at the time storage commences.

What can I Store?

Anything that is not illegal or deemed to be unsafe may be stored.  We have stored everything from clothing to surf boards! Our terms & conditions  contain a list of prohibited items.  If you are unsure, please ask.

When do I pay?  What if I store for longer?

Storage must be paid in advance at the time of being collected or dropped off.  You can extend your duration online by paypal or bank transfer.  

I am moving, can you help?

Yes, we offer a full packing & moving service.  We can come to your residence & properly pack everything & store it for you or we can deliver straight to your new abode.  We are able to ship your belongings within Vietnam & World wide.

Great Reviews, Are They Real?

We 100% promise all reviews are genuine, we keep records of every interaction from initial contact to when storage concludes.  We have never falsified a review & never will.  If you'd like to see an interview with us by a client, please check out -

Saigon Storage Has The Lowest Prices, How?

Our service is never compromised, we pride ourselves on being the best.  We are also realistic & keep our costs down by:

1) No company van. Insurance, a driver, repairs etc would lead to higher prices for our clients.  We also do not want to contribute to the severe congestion here.

2) We are a family business with a common goal of providing a great service at an unbeatable price.

4) Our premises are also our homes, someone is always here acting as security .

5) We have a very low advertising budget.  We see no need to advertise more & pass the cost to our clients.

Anything Else?  

Saigon Storage is aware of the environment & are very grateful to Vietnam, so we aim to do our best for both.  So we:

1) Are impletmenting paperless receipts. 

2) Paper in our office is recycled, receipts are printed on recycled paper.

3) We purchase products made in Vietnam as much as possible & support local small businesses.

4) Unclaimed items are donated to a local charity or given directly to those in need. 


 If you have any suggestions to help us be 'greener', please let us know.

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