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Moving Within Vietnam
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how we typically conduct home relocations in Saigon

Having completed hundreds & moves over the years & thankfully having met (or often surpassed) clients expectations, it may prove helpful to give some insight into factors that affect moves & thus the duration.

1) Building Access: the vast majority of buildings require the basement to be used when moving & every building has a height restriction, typically 2.1m.  This means a truck cannot enter.  So there are two options.  We can either use a van that can enter & make multiple trips or we can use a van to move the items out, then unload the van to the truck.  At the destination, this would be done in reverse, unload the truck to the van so the van can enter the basement.

The option we choose will depend on the size of the move & the distance between the buildings.  This is if the move is a compound to compound, if it is not that will also be considered.

2) Building Lunch Breaks: The vast majority of buildings have a 'lunch break', often from 11:30 to 1:30.  This basically means the service elevator cannot be used & some buildings will not allow our vehicle to even enter during these hours.  

3) Size Of Elevator:  Some freight elevators in compound buildings are not as big as others & so more trips are needed.  In some serviced buildings, we have been presented with elevators that can barely fit 2 adults.

4) Disassembly & Assembly Of Furniture: Although we are very experienced in taking beds, tables, wardrobes & much more apart & putting them back together, this does take time to do properly.

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