saigon Storage Pricing 

Simple pricing, the most commonly stored items are just 100,000 VND ($4.30) / month.  A piece is a box, suitcase etc as pictured below.  For shorter terms, a locker is the best solution 

If your item is not pictured but is a similar size, the fee will be the same.  If you are storing a large volume (30 boxes +) or over 1 year, please contact us for further discounts & storage by the cubic meter, just  300,000 VND/cbm per month..

Please note advance payment is required.  Saigon Storage offers storage by the month, these prices are for up to a month of storage.  If you require a few days, please visit our locker page.

Discount 10% if paying 3 months in advance.

Further discounts for longer durations, please download our pricing information.

Regular Pieces 100,000 VND Each Per Month

Monthly 1200k

Bulky Pieces 450,000 VND Each Per Month


Transport Fee's (VND)

Airport pick up requires 24hr advance booking, please email us for details. Items can be dropped off at our facility.  

Pricelist & general


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Mon - Sat 8am - 9pm

Sunday 1pm - 9pm 

24hr service available, 

message for out of hours service.