Air Con Storage Pricing 

Individual items such as a  box or suitcase are 230,000₫ ($10) / month, each extra piece is discounted by 50%.

Large volumes (3cbm & 3 months+) are 350,000₫ ($15) / m3 per month.

Or, 315,000₫ ($13.50) / m3 per month for 6 months+. 

Please contact us for a quote or use our Storage Volume Calculator

If you require storage for a less than a month, please visit our Storage Locker Page.

230,000₫ ($10) Per Month 

450,000₫ ($19) Per Month

Monthly 1200k


Transport Fee's()

Please note, the above are typical fee's & may differ depending on
ease of pick up etc.  In some cases, pick up is free.

Got a lower quote?  We'll beat any quote by a minimum of 15% for similar standard storage.