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Premium Air Conditioned

Home & Business Storage

High quality storage in our clean, secure premises, we are not a warehouse but a home for your belongings.  Our storage is for those who seek high standards at the best rate. We can even pick up, pack & redeliver - storage from your door at the best price in Vietnam.

Since 2016, Saigon Storage has been the first choice for those seeking high quality storage solutions.  From a box to the complete contents of your home, we can store it all in our air conditioned premises. 

Quốc tế, giá cả phụ thuộc vào vị trí và khối lượng.  Hiện tại chúng tôi vận chuyển bằng đường hàng không và đường biển từ Việt Nam.  More

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Air Conditioned

Personal Storage Lockers

Một dịch vụ rất phổ biến cho những người đi du lịch Việt Nam, lưu trữ với chúng tôi & đi du lịch, sau đó chúng tôi có thể vận chuyển hành lý của bạn đến tận nhà.  Từ Sài Gòn (TPHCM) đến Phan Thiết, Mũi Né, Nha Trang, Quy Nhơn, Đà Nẵng, Huế, Hà Nội, v.v.  Chúng tôi cũng có thể nhận các mặt hàng của bạn từ Đà Nẵng, Hà Nội, v.v. Sau đó, khi bạn đã sẵn sàng, chúng tôi sẽ giao hàng đến tận nhà, sân bay hoặc bất cứ nơi nào bạn cần. Available by the day, month or year.  The only secure lockers available in the centre of Saigon.  Perfect for storing your luggage while you explore.

Air conditioned, clean, safe & affordable.

Just 50,000 & 100,000₫ (holds 2 large luggage) per day.  The best priced storage lockers in Vietnam! Access 7 days a week  More

Business Stock Storage

& Management

We offer bespoke storage solutions for businesses to meet the most demanding of needs.  Store your inventory with us in our clean, air conditioned premises with 24/7 access.  Perfect for e-commerce. 


We can receive your deliveries, store them safely & keep you updated of your stock levels.  Not only that, we can also deliver to your clients in Saigon, throughout Vietnam or ship internationally.


This service has proven very popular for online retailers & small businesses seeking to save space & time.  More

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Shipping In

Vietnam & worldwide

đảm bảo

Travelling & want your stored items to meet you later?  This very popular service is our speciality, from a bag to a motorbike we'll store them & ship them to your door anywhere when needed.

We can also receive your deliveries & povide storage until you're ready.

Need international shipping?  We offer air & sea shipping to 100 countries, we'll collect your shipment & send it right to your door. More.

Home Moving Service

From a room to a villa we provide our professional moving service within Saigon & throughout Vietnam.

We take great pride in moving your belongings safely at a very competitve rate in a timely manner.


Full packing, moving & unpacking moving service with complete or you can choose the level of service you require, just packing, just moving or a complete relocation, available for homes & offices. More

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Packing Service

We provide a complete packing service in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you need packing for shipping, moving or to take on a flight, our service includes all the materials & expertise to get it done with ease.

Store To Sell

Unique to Saigon Storage, we offer you the opportunity to store your items with us & we'll sell them on your behalf.

252/57F Cao Thắng,

Ideal for those who are unsure what the future holds or want to make space in ther homes.

We'll store your items, advertise & do our utmost to sell at your price.  We'll handle all the queries, viewings (in our Nha Be storage location),& even the delivery.  Available for both your used personal items & new items.

Contact us today to discuss your needs & we'll work out the best solution to save your time & effort.

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